Support Policy

Support Policy

Thanks for purchasing our premium products and for the valuable time that you are reading here about our support policy. SoftHopper always try to do the best to provide the best support for clients. Just you need to take a look at the list first what we support and what we don’t.


Issues That We Provide Support For:

  1. We provide support for struggling with installation issues.
  2. Support with most common, available features and configurations.
  3. We Provide patches for the valid bugs whenever it’s possible.
  4. We can help you in case of small style changes.


Issues That We Don’t Provide Support For:

  1. We don’t provide support to teach you XHTML/ CSS/ PHP/SQL or Javascript skills within the product or any type of help outside of our product.
  2. If it’s unfamiliar to us, we will not able to debug codes.
  3. If you need any extensive theme modification then we will not provide support for that. You should use Third Party developer.
  4. We are completely not responsible and will not provide support for the setting up any community server, setting you CMS on your system or configuring any system with required libraries and applications.
  5. For any kind of 3rd party extension, we will not provide support. You should ask this thought their support system.
  6. If you are user of any Free Product, then we provide no guarantee and no support for you. Support only available for premium customers.

If the required support has any type of additional modification that related to any WordPress Plugin or Theme, then have to go through these two options:

  1. You have to wait for further (Update) development of our product. Or,
  2. Ask for customization service (Additional fee will be charged).

Please, check this Support Policy in details before you ask for our support