Facts You Should Know About Newly Released WordPress Version 4.7

December 8, 2016

WordPress has released their newer version 4.7 last 06-12-2016. In this handy post, we will discuss the facts you should know what chances you are getting in newly released WordPress version 4.7. WordPress released a new theme along with a new version that is named Twenty Seventeen. Twenty Seventeen is fully designed based on WordPress latest Version. All necessary improvement WordPress made, implemented in Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme. This is a default theme for WordPress 4.7 & this is not compatible with the lower version of WordPress. Because all new codes and feature added in Twenty Seventeen that only functional in WordPress Version 4.7.WordPress Latest Version 4.7

WordPress updated some important feature to newly released version – Video Header, Visual Editor for Customizer, Starter Content, White Spacing in Menu & List, Unlimited Color Changer with Color Picker, Accessibility of Image Alternative Text and much more. We will discuss all essential points to understand you what changes WordPress made on their newer version. WordPress released few theme before without any starter content. Using those theme was hard for the primary user who does not have good knowledge about WordPress. Because nothing will look similar to a preview image and you do not any option to import demo or starter content.

Features Added in Newly Released WordPress Version 4.7

Video Header: For decorating your stunning WordPress website nowadays people using video header often. Before 6th December this feature was available in few premium WordPress theme and theme developer added the feature to their theme. But now you will get the feature available in WordPress as well. When you are using WordPress theme from theme directory you have an option in admin panel to select video as header media. Read More about Video Header.

Post Type Templates: Alike page templates, you can use post template in WordPress 4.7 version. You can post your content in a different style using a variety of post template. WordPress introduced this facility the first time and this can help you decorating your website more comfortably. WordPress has post style, we used before. In this addition, this brings a new era to display your post more attractively.


Visible Edit Shortcuts in the Customizer Preview: This can be a most important step to make WordPress more user-friendly. In previous versions of WordPress, user edited their expected are from admin panel or specific area. Premium theme user got the facility to use visual editor service for editing their content. If you are using WordPress 4.7 version, you are getting similar facility from now. You can edit your website visually that will assist you to make changes more authentically. Read More About Visual Editing.

Starter content for themes: When we install WordPress theme, we get nothing similar to theme preview. Thus most of the theme owner provide starter content or demo data with their theme. But you need to import that data from “import” section. In final addition of WordPress made this easier than before and they added facility of default starter content that will help you getting a similar preview you seen in theme preview. Read More about Starter Content.

Whitespace changes in navigation: This is another important update WordPress made on their latest version. They added white spacing between nav menu and list items. This will help you making marvelous menu and list item for your website. They also embedded authorship in the menu with content owner bio that gives lots of extra facility to user. They can identify every single element with ease and unlimited color changing facility added as well, you can use the color picker to update your desired color. Read about Menu Authorship & White Spacing.

Enhanced PDF Support in WordPress: You can publish your PDF file through WordPress platform. This is easier than before and people really love this marvelous feature. You have a specific post type for publishing your PDF file. Most of the people love this amazing feature because PDF is most important media, no one can edit your content without your permission. Thus content owner creates PDF format content and from now you can update it with the special facility. Read More about PDF Feature.

Improving accessibility of image alternative text: Image alt text is a most important part for SEO people. But most of the time this need to added manually, which is really donkey task. Thus WordPress improved the accessibility of alt function. You will get better facility than before. Read about WordPress Image Alt Tag.

User Admin Languages and Locale Switching: This is a most important feature you will love. Most of the local user do not know 2nd language except their mother language. They feel unfriendly when visiting a website that language he does not know. WordPress added language switching facility on a newer version that gives you access to use any local language you want. Read about admin language.

Extending the Custom CSS editor:  This extended feature will give extra access to you to work more efficiently and more comfortably. If you are a developer and has a vast knowledge of CSS, you can use this marvelous feature of custom CSS that will help you making any kind of typography change on your website. Read About Custom CSS.

Theming with Twenty Seventeen: WordPress released Twenty Seventeen theme that is perfectly compatible with WordPress 4.7 version. You will get all newly updated option, features, and facility in this marvelous theme. This will help you understanding the basic difference between newer WordPress version and all previous version. In Twenty Seventeen you will get the feature to add video header as well, this helps to make stunning WordPress website.

Final Words: In a nutshell, WordPress is most user-friendly and SEO-Friendly Web Development platform. They always improve their quality based on user demand. In this latest addition, they added all necessary changes they promised. You will find WordPress 4.7 more helpful than previous any version. WordPress always insist you use a newer version as they update all customer want and claim they got the previous version. If you have read the features added in WordPress 4.7 version we listed above, this will force you to use lasted version of loveable WordPress.

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