How To Make One Page Website In WordPress Below 5 Minutes

July 11, 2017

How To Make One Page Website In WordPress Below 5 Minutes

Making a WordPress website is easy and anyone can make a website using WordPress platform for its user-friendly interface. If you don’t know how to make a one-page website in WordPress, you must watch this video tutorial to learn how to make WordPress website from scratch. In this One Page Express Customization tutorial, you will able to learn every single step that will make you expert in WordPress theme customization. Most of the features of one-page website shown in this video that helps you creating a full functional one-page website. So you must watch this video tutorial carefully to learn to make single page WordPress website.

One Page Express Customization Tutorial

In this tutorial, One Page Express WordPress theme used that is considered a best single page WordPress theme. You also can check Total Free WordPress Theme Customization Tutorial that will help you acquire good knowledge on WordPress. Both Total and One Page Express are single page website that will help you creating single page company website or portfolio for your company or personal portfolio as well.

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If you are still confused, What is a one page website? Here is your answer :-

A one page website is simply a single page website that uses only one HTML page. When clicking on navigation links, the user scrolls down the page or jumps to that particular content’s section.

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