February 25, 2017
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As you go along with the online earning business you should just not develop the appropriate skills in your chosen field of job interest but also you should be able to deal with the black-hats or scam sites in the web which will definitely fool you thus wasting your time and effort. In this world, all kinds of earning ways are being taken by people even those who are illegal and fraudulent techniques and the common example of this is scamming especially those starting web users who want to make valuable time through earning while they have idle times in their houses. It is alarming to know that there are almost equivalent scam sites today with those genuine sites and they had already fooled several newbies in this business. Scam site determination is not easy so now to help you identify them, please see the following guidelines.

Offers exaggerated pleasurable deals

This is their way of attracting people to come to their websites and do the job they want without due reward. They often offer big deals just like 10$ for just one visit and it is very clear that it is just a scam for the reason that clicking is a simple kind of job and someone will pay you that amount for that work? Definitely, for a starter, there will be no one to offer that aside from scammers. They are occasionally websites who says, “for every visit to the site you will receive this big amount and those amazing rewards”, well that is good but it is just a fraud. You are wasting your effort and time.

Simplicity of the work

This goes with the big offer. You are being told to do a particular wok with a whole bunch of simplicity and you can even accomplish the job in just several seconds and then you are paid with much amount. Those are clear signs of scam sites. Bear in mind that there is no easy money today aside if you do illegal things just like scams. As a starting worker or even you are quite exposed to online earning, the determination of scam sites is a must for you to do. As I say, no easy and big money out of jobs that even toddlers know how to do.

No complete site information.

In order for them not to be tracked or traced by their victims, they build their sites with no complete information such as contact number and email. They will not specify the place of origin and the owner of the domain so as not to be known. That is why their site is as void as a vacuum and if you find it with no basic information as stated then that is very likely a scam site. In determining scam sites, completeness of information is your first move. They should have ways of how to contact them, the owner, the hosting domain should also be a trusted one, the place of origin and also the place where they operate. If you find the site without this then don’t pursue it.

Negative feedback’s and posts

Simply if someone doesn’t like the content of the site for it is more of foolishness then they will reply with negative comments to show that they don’t agree with what’s inside the site. Now you should see to it that the site you are planning to engage in does not have a bunch of negative comments and feedbacks. Though it may happen that the site has no comments and post yet then see through the content for your clarification and certainty, don’t be lazy to screen the information inside the website.

Low ranking and trustworthy rate

If you can’t manage to fully determine the status of the site then you can use some trusted sites to determine the trustworthiness rate of the site you are planning to work with.They can determine the page ranking of each site, in this way determination of scam sites will be easy. An example of trusted websites to do the checking of ranking and a trustworthy rate is Alexa, Amazon, and ScamAdviser. They are very helpful for you to be certain of doing the job with them.

Please be wise enough in dealing with a lot of websites on the web. See through this guideline and distinguish the genuine sites from those scam ones.

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