What is SEO Hosting and The Importance of SEO Hosting?

March 30, 2017

SEO Hosting comes with lots of advanced facilities and affordable price as well.Before we start talking about SEO Hosting, you should know about P B N or (Private Blog Network). PBN is an SEO technique people use to rank their website faster. This is a gray hat method, not permitted, nor forbidden in any Google update.

People generally create multiple websites in the same niche and take backlink from them. The secret is they build different websites in the different hosting company and use different information to register a new domain and hosting.

They post some content on that websites and take backlink from that websites. This is called PBN. People build PBN because no of you competitor will allow backlink from their website, Because of they the want top position on Google as well.

Let’s discuss the term SEO hosting. 

SEO hosting comes with advanced facilities like different C Class IPs and super fast loading speed as well. If you are thinking to build a PBN, you have to buy hosting from many different companies. You have to pay every single company and in total this will cost a large amount.

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