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Things You Should Know Before You Change Your WordPress Theme

December 7, 2016 - In 

Changing the WordPress theme is a donkey task and there have huge possibilities to lose your data maximum time. You can lose your tracking as well, thus we suggest you to make a checklist of necessary data,You should take a backup before you proceed changing your WordPress Theme. This will help you to recover your necessary data even you delete that data permanently. Most of the WordPress theme layout is similar,but few WordPress theme comes with a unique design. Sometimes theme designer creates single page WordPress theme, whether rest of the theme developer building multi-page WordPress theme.This increase confusion and sometimes you lose your data that is impossible to undone sometimes.

If you have good web hosting with enough space, you can generate theme backup often. This is a good trick to keep your website secure always. This helps not to restore only the theme data, this also ensures repair your database information as well. When someone tells the importance of backup in web or physically, most of the people understand database backup. Taking database backup is a good thing, but in this tutorial, we will include some points – what should you do before you change your WordPress Theme. This ensures protecting your site data and you can place your data in expected area in case you lose that section. Read More