Terms and Conditions

// Terms and Conditions //

Please read the terms and conditions in details, before signing up here, downloading our product or taking any service provided by us. If you are agree, then go ahead and use our site or product. While you are using Softhopper.com, it means you already agreed to terms & conditions described below. We, SoftHopper reserve the full right to modify or change these terms and conditions at any time it needed, without prior notice.

Product Delivery

There is no delay, if you download our free product. There is no charge. If you like to use our Premium Ghost Theme, Premium WordPress Themes, HTML Theme or WordPress Plugins then you need to be a member. You can access to paid products or download after we received and verified your payment. We use Master Card, PayPal, American Express, Visa and all major credit cards. The user will maintain their terms and conditions completely before paying SoftHopper.

You will receive an email containing membership information. After successful payment, our system will create the account. In case your payment got into a trouble or delay, we will review and download information manually. That can be up to 48 hours maximum depending on the investigation and situation.

Product Updates/ Compatibility

All of our paid theme and products’ updates are quite available to our paid members. There is no extra change. In case you need any special update as per your particular use, you will be changed according to requirements. We are not bound to release any update for our free themes.

All of our WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, and Ghost Themes are specially developed to work on WordPress sites, most of them are available to download from wordpress.org. WordPress and Plugins are specially designed to be compatible with the WordPress latest version which available from WordPress authority. We can’t make a guarantee that our older themes will run properly with the future version of any CMS (i.e. WordPress). The Frameworks used in our Plugins and Themes completely support the latest version of modern browsers.


Of Course! You are totally allowed to modify or make any change to our product as per your requirements, but not to sell them. You can check the documentation page or the forum to find out the best way to make the process easy to do your task. You can ask for help, or any new thing you have found during the modification in our forum for an open discussion.


The user has no right to claim exclusive ownership or intellectual property to our products. All products here, already released or will be released in the future are the property of SoftHopper.

Illegal/ Unauthorized Usage:

You may not use the SoftHopper Themes or Plugins for any unauthorized use, illegal purpose or violate any mandatory laws in your jurisdiction (not only limited to the copyright law) as well as the International law. It is hardly prohibited to use any of our products to promote: terrorism, violence, hard pornography, vulgarity content, racism, or any warez software links.

You are completely agreed not to copy, sell, resell, duplicate, exploit or reproduce any product or portion of product without any written permission from SoftHopper. Moreover, you may not release or redistribute any of our items under a GPL (General Public License). We usually add CSS, JS, Graphics and Dummy Data (XML) to our items as copyright, data should remain just as it when purchased, and you completely agree not to edit this information anyway.

SoftHopper reserves the authority of terminating/blocking your account immediately, if there any issue have known that you are not showing the desired permitted behavior.

Members are completely responsible for the content and activity that posted in the forum that occurs under his/her account.

The user may not purchase any pay per click keywords (i.e. Google AdWords) or any domain names that use the phrase “SoftHopper” or SoftHopper trademarks, variations or misspellings.

When you create account on SoftHopper website, then you are quite responsible to operate or secure your account. Beside this, you are completely responsible what happened with your account, including all activities or any other actions that connected with your account. The SoftHopper will notify you immediately for any illegal or unauthorized uses or any breaches of security.


After purchasing out the product you have to right to contact with us via support ticket. Our dedicated support team there to solve your problem. Our support team will provide a solution via our forum for you small bug fixes and then we will update the core package of the product. We will be happy to solve your problem via the Forum, but not to personal contact. Whatever, you can grab our attention by email, Facebook Comment, Tweet , Google Plus and you can follow us on Behance , Github  , Dribble, &  Linkedin , . We will redirect your problem and our Answer to the forum before or after solve it.

If your required support has an additional modification of any WordPress Plugin or Theme then you have these two options to pick:

  • You have to wait for further (Update) development of our product. Or,
  • Ask for customization service (Additional fee will be charged).

Please, check our Support Policy section where we described details about our support policy and method.


Downloads are only available after signing up at SoftHopper.com . However, our customers purchase would be pending for a manual check-up of anti-fraud checkout. After completing this important step you will receive an email containing details about your payment. This checking system due to the significant number of fraudulent transitions from those persons that they are not the actual card holder during purchase.

Price Changes

We reserve the full right temporarily or permanently change or modify the price of all products released by SoftHopper. We have right to do it with notice or without notice.


Every single product released by SoftHopper is guaranteed to work correctly upon right installation process, activation, setup and options configuration of our products with the latest version of WordPress. All of our products are served without any (“as is”) kind of warranty, either expressed or implied. SoftHopper do not guarantee you the compatibility with any third party plugins. Simply there are too many plugins to support with.

Please make sure that, browsers that you are using will work with the purchased themes. We cannot guarantee SoftHopper themes will work with every single browser combination, but we already have most compatibility with popular browsers.

Our juridical person will not be responsible for any event of damages including indirect, direct, incidental, special damages or any other that arising out from the inability to use our products.

We will not provide or bound or licensed to provide stock images that used for demo and certain TTF (true-type fonts) on any or all of the released themes. You need to own or purchase those from their respective owners.

All members of SoftHopper have rights and access to the forums. We do not commit to monitor the forums strictly, but we reserve the complete right to respond to the questions.

N.B: The SoftHopper reserves the right to modify or change the current Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.