40+ Best Free Ghost Themes 2019 for Bloggers Updated

March 9, 2016

40+ Best Free Ghost Themes 2016

The Ghost Blog platform is the most popular personal blogging platform. It’s getting more popular day after day. No other CMS has received such emergence or able to generate user excitement like Ghost CMS over the last few years. There are a lot of Templates and Themes both premium and free around us. Here, we picked 40+ Best Free Ghost Themes with nice looking, minimalist and clean design aiming to help you to build ideal blogging platform. You are allowed to download this absolutely free.

Download Link of Free Ghost Theme of Us

Most of the Ghost Themes here already got user engagement. If you like to use Premium Responsive Ghost Blog Theme then you will find a lot of eye-catching themes. You can check these themes too:


We hope, most of Free Ghost Blog Themes here able to pay satisfaction. You can check demos to take a look. Don’t forget to share your opinion.

  1. ABC Free Ghost Theme:

abc free ghost themeFree Ghost Theme ABC is a minimalist single column theme. It keeps everything black and white. And it has a built in menu. Actually is a free open source Ghost theme. Awesome text formating helps autor to make the site eye catchy. Site author can embed videos from youtube and audios from soundcloud. Social sharing and commenting system made the theme more engaging.

Main Features:

  • Scss (Sass) workflow
  • Zurb Foundation 5 framework
  • Code highlighter
  • Post covers
  • Font icons
  • Tag covers example
  • Clean text formating
  • Video, SoundCloud embeding
  • Custom navigation setup


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  1. FauxGhost – Great Free Ghost Theme

FauxGhost comes with a nice look and have some great features. It’s great features are ready to go for you. Its slide in menu is cool, and the implemented search is the special one that only a few free themes have. This theme actually powered by Foundation 5, and based on Ghostion.

Note: You can list your site to author site. If you use Fauxghost theme, you have to tweet @moomooio to get your site listed.


  •  Favicon Size – 16×16, 32×32, 64×64
  •  Blog Color Changing Option
  •  Foundation SASS Variable
  •  Ruby
  •  Node Js Support
  •  Off Canvas Menu
  •  Built in Social Buttons

Faux Ghost theme free download


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  1. Vapor

As a Free Ghost Theme Vapor is a great one especially when you are looking for a very minimal Ghost theme. It is a popular to user as minimalist single column Ghost theme. It actually puts the main focus on the content of your blog. Unlike others Vapor also has social media built in. It comes with basic, no over the top animations or any layouts. It have regular features to help you most.


  • Single column Ghost theme
  • Responsive
  • Minimal
  • Cool Typography
  • Faded Background Thus content is focused Blog , User and Cover Image Support
  • Google font Support

vapor ghost theme


  1. Digitus – Single Column Ghost Theme

Digitus is a single column Ghost theme that is very minimalist. Digitus focuses on the content, and shows each post header on the home screen. Digitus has discus comments and social media sharing built in.

Digitus is responsive , that means it fits in any device perfectly.  This supports table of content feature and social buttons are available in this awesome ghost theme. Its clean and content focused. Built in comment system is disqus. Have google analytics using option.


  • Single Column Ghost Theme
  • Content focused with nice background
  • Disqus comment system integrated
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Best Social Sharing System – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , Google + etc
  • Video’s are auto responsive
  • Font Awesome Support
  • Blog Title – Blog Logo – Blog Description
  • Author Name – Author Image – Author Location – Author Website – Author Bio – Author Pages

Note: You can download this nice featured theme for free or you can donate an amount if you wish.

digitus free ghost theme


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  1. Slimpost

Slimpost is a clean, slim, and beautiful Ghost theme absolutely free to download!

Another important feature of this theme is responsiveness. For being a good theme responsiveness is must.  HTML5 and CSS3 valid codes and Rich Snippet Support. You can add static page menu also if need. One can add full screen images also. For comment system theme author integrated disqus system and social sharing buttons also available.

Note: One can use custom fonts also.


  • Responsive HTML5/CSS3 layout with Rich Snippets
  • Clean and minimal design
  • OpenGraph and Twitter Cards
  • Disqus integration
  • Static pages
  • Fullscreen image viewer
  • Syntax Highlight
  • Social links
  • Custom fonts

Slimpost Ghost Theme free download


  1. Saga – Ghost Theme

Saga is a nice single column Ghost theme actually focused on media. It allows for the full width of images while you keeping the text contents in a smaller column. It also has a nice built in lightroom effect to give an attractive view for your images.

Saga is basically a media focused ghost theme. To focus your media content like image and video’s you can choose SAGA Ghost theme without hesitation. In post – You content will be well foucused with image or video. You can use two quotation system to format quotes. You can format your images in 4 different style using codes like short code. You can display your media content in two different style

  • Gallery System
  • Light Box


  • Media Focused Ghost Theme
  • All Major Browser Support
  • Different Quotation System
  • Different Type Gallery System
  • Header image support
  • Different Device Support

saga ghost theme free download


  1. Mnml – Easy to Read Ghost Theme

Mnml is a great single column Ghost theme comes with a feature that extremely easy to read. It has small post thumbnail images facility on the home page. Actually that makes the way easy and quick to take a look the blogs content as the viewer scrolls. The Mnml has disqus comments, menu, and social media sharing built.

Text typography is awesome.  Have syntax highlighter and  have KaTeX for mathematics. The use of Time – Scale , Nice font , good line spacing , font – color made the theme content more readable. Post image thumbnail system helps to highlight the content more specifically.

Features :

  • Cross Browser Support
  • Full Responsive layout
  • Compatible in latest version ghost theme
  • Source Serif Pro, Alegreya , Source Sans Pro and Blazingly fast Brick web font used
  • txt support. That helps to improve seo quality
  • Load Comment System
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Responsive Static Page Menu

mnml ghost theme free download


  1. Landscape

The Landscape comes with menu at the top and large cover image This single column Ghost theme named Landscape because that shows your recent posts in ascending order with the content title, the date and a small excerpt.

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  • Static Page Menu Support
  • Disqus System Can Be integrate
  • Large Cover Image
  • Single Column Ghost Theme
  • Shows your recent posts in ascending order

landscape free ghost theme


  1. Ghost Hut

The Ghost Hut come with a full screen cover image. This is a minimal single column Ghost theme.Specially designed for bloggers. Clean design and nice typography.  Ghost Hut theme is more engaging because of sharing and commenting system. Feed and cover image system integrated. Just add your disqus code and get the comment system functional.


ghost Hut free ghost theme


  1. Ascend

It is a minimal two column Ghost theme comes with nice social sharing buttons. Ascend Ghost themes’ left side designed as static column and its right side for the post content. Ascend is nice ghost theme for its features such as built in next/previous post links, nice social sharing and many more. Especially since its free.


  • Two Column Ghost Theme
  • Nice Social Sharing Buttons
  • Static left Column
  • Recent posts display in right column
  • Nice Next/Previous Button

ascend ghost theme free download


  1. Abstraction

Abstraction is a minimal single column Ghost. It has has social media built in. Perfect one who loves minimal design. Single column – wide header cover image ghost theme. Project title and description support. Gulp System integrated along with the amazing power of autoprefixer.


  • Cover Image
  • Blog Title – Description – Logo Support
  • Gulp Integration
  • Logo linked with homepage
  • Blazing fast Lib-Sass System
  • Node – SASS

abstruction theme free download


  1. Josephine – Responsive Ghost Blog Theme

Josephine comes with great features with SEO Friendly layout. It’s a content focused nice blogging theme for anyone. It’s suitable for any kind of travel, life style, hobby, tutorial or personal blog etc. Best ghost theme for bloggers. Static menu – Hide/Show Social Support Button – header search button are available.  Responsive slider system integrated with recent and featured posts. Full functional left and right widget. Widgets like Social sharing , recent posts , HTML codes, Archives can be added here in left of right widget.

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A single post contains Title – Post content – Author information – Social Sharing button etc. You can add sliding images also in a single post. This will make your posts more colorful and eye catchy. WP comment system integrated in every post. So you need not to add third party comment system .

Media files can be embeded from youtube , soundcloud or from instagram. Nice Previous/Next system in blog page. Nice footer system make the site more beautiful with great color combination. Six different type of post format support. Author information shows below the article.


  • Seo Friendly Code
  • All Major Browser Support
  • Fonts used from font awesome and custom retina ready fonts used also.
  • Bootstrap 3 framework used
  • Google map system integrated
  • Valid HTML5/CSS3 Code used
  • Custom Favicon and Twelve Custom Widget
  • Author information display
  • Latest Ghost Version Support
  • Nicely Designed 404 error page
  • Owl Carosoul Used



  1. Aside – Two Column Ghost Theme

The Aside is a cool two column Ghost theme with a nice feel when navigating.  It has a static column on the left side with the blog name. A menu, with your content on the right side. Moreover, Aside has comments, social media sharing, and a menu built in with some common feature.


  • Analytics Support
  • Disqus Comment Support
  • Default Theme Like Casper
  • Fixed Sidebar

aside ghost theme


  1. Sticko – Two Column Ghost Theme

Sticko is a nice two column Ghost theme which left half for static image and the about section. The right side is for the content. Is has social media sharing built in g+ comments. Most of the ghost theme uses disqus comment system. But this awesome have feature to use google plus comment system. This will help to improve search result. Two column theme, left side for author and social options and right side for making posts. Have nice color changing options too. You can use cover photo to your post also.


  • Light and Clean Coding
  • G+ Comment Using Option
  • Loading indicators and Nice Icons
  • Cover image adding option in posts even
  • Installation guide included

sticko ghost theme


  1. Wordsmith

Wordsmith single column Ghost theme comes with colored bars to distinguish your different posts. Wordsmith has social media built in. It is a free, clean, attractive and responsive Ghost Theme as Open Source.

wordsmith ghost theme


  1. Decode

Decode is a clean Ghost theme with some color. You are allowed add beautiful images at the top.

decode ghost theme


  1. Glimmer – Responsive Ghost Blog Theme

Glimmer is a great looking content focus Blogging Theme. Intricate development, powerful admin panel, and essential features really turn Glimmer an essential ghost blog theme for you. This could be your best ghost theme for blogging. Because this awesome theme have six different layout. You can choose best one for you. Best visual one you can choose with all active features. Its perfect for any kind of personal or professional blog.  Admin panel is more friendly , a normal non technical guy can manage all aspects easily from admin panel. Nice and attractive features made the theme more precious.


  • Google Font API Used
  • SCSS (Advanced Css System)
  • Bootstrap 3 – Retina Ready Logo and 404 Page
  • Left SideBar – Right SideBar and Full width Layout
  • Twelve more widget
  • Google Map – Contact Form Used

glimmer ghost theme


  1. Attila

Attila comes with built in menu, prev/next post. It’s a writing focused minimal single column minimalist Ghost theme.

attila ghost theme


  1. Willow

Willow is a multipurpose responsive, minimalist, Personal, and open-source theme as your Ghost blogging platform.

willow ghost theme


  1. Ghostion

Ghostion is a single column Ghost theme with a nice looking Google Fonts. It provides you a great user experience. It is able to make browsing site contents extremely easy. Ghostion has social media, disqus comments, and a menu built in.

ghostion free ghost theme

Top Features:

  • Off-Canvas Menu
  • Foundation 5 Powerful Responsive Grid Layouts
  • Many Easy to Use Button Styles
  • Tooltips
  • Reveal Modal
  • and many more


  1. Aventurine

Aventurine comes with nice side by side post image and post excerpt. It’s a minimalistic single column theme absolutely with no frills.

aventurine ghost theme


  1. Biosvision

Biosvision is a minimalist two column Ghost Theme come with menu built in, social media, and comments. It’s right column for static information.

bio vision ghost theme


  1. Whisper

It is a single column Ghost theme focused on the background images as well as your contents. Whisper Ghost theme comes with comments built in and a menu.

WHISPER ghost theme


  1. Pick – Ghost Blog Theme

If you are looking for a clean content focus blogging theme then Pick will be the best one for you. It is simple and elegant. Working with this theme such installing and customizing is very easy.



  1. Uno Zen

Uno Zen has a unique design with homepage that actually provides your viewer the option of navigating to your website or blog. It has a lovely transition to showing the list of post excerpts.

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  • HTML5 & CSS3 Coding
  • Browersync & gulp
  • Multiple Account System – Search System
  • Meta Tag Using Option For Seo
  • Reading Time Counter

UNO ZEN ghost theme

DownloadNo Demo

  1. Typesome

Typesome has some additional features built in. in this Ghost blog theme, Google Analytics, Typesome built in disqus comments make it easier for you to get started with blogging.


  • Google Analytics for tracking traffic
  • FitVids Used – Responsive Video
  • Responsive Icons – FontAwesome
  • Blog Title – Description – Author Info Box
  • Blog Cover Image – Author Cover Image
  • Author Bio – Author Image

TYPESOME ghost theme


  1. Triangle Ghost Theme – Download – Demo

The Triangle Ghost theme is a nice and index styled theme that runs on a really solid UIKit base. You can easily customize it and very clean right out of the box.


  • slick animations used
  • UIKit core Used
  • Clean codes help to get more seo facility
  • Flexible Javascript effect
  • Responsive Meida (FitVids)
  • Seo Tuned
  • 2 column Layout
  • HTML 5 Structure
  • Ajax Google Analytics
  • Specially builded 404 page

triangle ghost theme


  1. The Shell – single column Ghost theme

The Shell is a clean and modern single column Ghost theme that nicely floats the header in from top on page load. It has social media built in.Fonts used from web directory. Simple style but gorgeous. Google analytics adding option, this will help site owner to track traffic that is necessary to build a business online.




  1. The Classy

The Classy is a nice looking and popular minimalist single column Ghost theme. It mainly focused on content optimization. It comes with a menu, disqus comments, and social media sharing built in.Nice background color and header menu. Color fade used in different part of the theme. This made the theme more stylish. Light color used in full site, this made the site very simple and good looking. Nice Cover image using option and font awesome fonts helps people to attract more.


the classy ghost theme


  1. Acronym – Responsive Ghost Theme

Acronym is a nice and perfect Ghost Blogging Theme built with boostrap-3. Short-code facility turn it as an amazing ghost theme.Shortcodes always helps us to work with a theme more smoothly and easily. Very few ghost theme have short theme feature active. ACRONYM – RESPONSIVE GHOST THEME allow people to use 13 different short codes. Theme is HTML5 and CSS3 valid using bootstrap 3 frame work. So the the is responsive and support all major browser and updated device. Custom contact from used in this theme. Google maps , using favicon icon and some other great feature make this theme really precious.


  • Thirteen Different Short Codes
  • Bootstrap 3 Framework used – Responsive
  • Custom Contact Form Used
  • Font Awesome Icon Used
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Google Map Embed
  • Youtube Embed
  • Vimeo Embed
  • Twitter Embed
  • Nice 404 and Author Page Support



  1. Swaze- Simple Ghost Theme

Swaze is a clean and very simple single column Ghost theme. It can really help you to focus on the contents of your blog.

swayze ghost theme


  1. UNO – Two Column Ghost Theme

The UNO is a nice two column Ghost theme. It nicely starts off with a perfect full screen cover image. Then turns into a static left column with blog posts on the right. It has comments built in. It has nice cover option as like landing page. Icon used from foundation icon web site. You can use five different color options to decorate your theme. Autor is still working to develop some interesting features, so keep your eyes on! To get the latest updated version that will allow to make your site functional and colorful.

uno ghost theme

DownloadNo Demo

  1. Steam – Minimalist Ghost theme Download

The Steam is a clean, minimalist and single column Ghost theme focused on site contents. With Steam, here it is just only the texts, so total focus is on the writing. Its multicolored theme. You can choose color name or can use color code too for making your site more cool. Just need good color sense and use it appropriately. As the site is content focused, content typography is nice and you can use some cool icons from font- awesome site.


  • Clean Minimalist Theme
  • Nice Navigation Menu
  • Theme Color
  • Customizable Social Icon – Font-Awesome Used
  • Customizable Blog Signature
  • Active / Deactive – Blog Comment & Author Information
  • Meta Using Option for Web Master, Analytics & FB Page



  1. Solar – Free Ghost Theme Download

Solar is a nice looking two column Ghost theme. It has a about page and small menu on the left column with its content on the right. It has social media built in. This nice theme have two different color option, that will help you to make your site more colorful. You can customize and make the site more colorful and the theme is responsive too. You can change the logo and cover image also. Naturally logo shows from title as text. But if you upload a logo , it replace the text logo and display your image logo instead of text logo. For better styling , if you feel logo and cover image should be removed! You can do it in a minute from Cpanel. This awesome multifunctional colorful theme is free! Just grab it!

solar free ghost theme


  1. Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a great and very clean minimalist single column Ghost blog theme. It displays just your post title and the small excerpt in black text on the attractive white background. After opening the post, you can see a full screen feature image. It has a menu. Content focused theme with slick java transitions. Full installation guide you will find in download page. Already 3 version released. So you can check for updates if available, use newer version. This will help you to get more current features .

ROLLS ROYCE ghost theme


  1. Rifyll – Ghost theme Free Download

Rifyll is a perfect one who love single column Ghost theme. It shows a large portion of your blog post on its home page. It has a menu built in and it shows the author name and image at the top of the post. Theme developed using bootstrap 3 frame work. That means this theme is latest ghost version compatible and as the grid system of bootstrap 3 is latest. So Rifyll ghost theme is responsive too. Typeography is simple but eye catchy.


  1. Safira – Single Column Ghost Theme

Safira is a clean single column Ghost theme for free that is skinny on the page. It has a place of cover image and then its posts below it. It has social media sharing. Its specially designed for tablets and mobile phones. Its very simple and the color of the theme is also simple and normal. It has all ghost supportive features like commenting , sharing system, paragraph styling. User can use highlighter option also in home posts. In footer system there have copy right text. Site owner can chage it easily or can use defualt text. All content are center aligned.


  1. Tepid

Tepid comes with a large cover image and focused on content. Tepid single column Ghost theme has social media built in and Disqus comments.Its multicolored lightweight organized theme. As it is full covered image theme. So you can use this with varity of color combination also.

DownloadNo Demo

  1. Swan – Free Ghost Theme

Swan is completely a free Ghost theme to download that focus to your site content and able to create a smooth experience. Swan comes with, responsiveness, Minimal design and with a focus on simplicity.


  • Blog and User image support
  • Fonts used Bodoni and Futura true
  • More embeded fonts
  • Icon used from ionic
  • Blog logo can be uploaded from admin panel


DownloadNo Demo

  1. Temple of Faith

Temple of Faith is nice one who loves large cover image. This single column free Ghost theme comes with a large cover image. It has social media built in.


  • Large Cover Image
  • Nice Typography
  • Heading Support
  • Time & Date Support
  • Responsive image
  • Nice Post Format

DownloadNo Demo

  1. Sticko – Two Column Free Ghost theme

Sticko is a clean two column Ghost theme to download. It left half as a static image and the about section and the right half being for the content. It has social media sharing built in and Disqus comments. Theme is light weight and fully responsive. Many used disqus comment system. But in this theme you will get google+ comment system. Nice author info section added. Loading indicators help people to understand and to wait untill all content loaded properly. Self made retina display icons.


  • Nice Loading Function
  • Stylish Author Info Section
  • Double Column Theme
  • Custom Social Sharing Option
  • Google Plus Comment System
  • Cover / Featured Image Support
  • Editable Footer Option

DownloadNo Demo

  1. Starter.Ghost

Starter ghost is a clean, very basic and single column Ghost theme. It actually about to be used more as a template. This theme developed based on bootstrap 3 framework. Icons used from fontawesome. So all cool icons being used in theme without any break or low quality icon. SCSS with lib-sass. Major browsers compatible. Minified codes used, so less loading time required.


  • Bootstrap 3 Framework Used
  • SCSS with lib-sass
  • Fontawesome icons used
  • Speed Optimized Codes
  • Add livereload
  • Clean Codes

DownloadNo Demo

Feel free to share you collection of Free Ghost Themes. Let us know if you need further collection of Free or Premium Ghost Themes. You can check all of our Premium WordPress Themes from here.

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