Meaning and Abbreviation of Technical Words for Web Developers – Part 1

April 16, 2016
technical wordsfor web developers

Meaning and Abbreviation of Technical Words for Web Developers

Internet : Billions of device or computer connected through the internet . It’s a global system of communication. Billions of computer are interconnected using internet protocol (TCP/IP). Now-a-days it’s the fastest and easiest way to communicate with people all over the world. Its cost effective also, that means you can communicate with anyone,

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in any place of the world using internet connection. All kind of communications like  sending E-mail, Instant Messaging (Messanger) , Skype , Viber, WhatsApp (Voice Call , Text Message, Media Send and Recieve) is now very easy for internet. You just need an internet connection for smooth communication with people all over the world.

Intranet: Some people mix the meaning of internet and intranet. Some though its a typing mistake! Intranet is a term – which indicates a private network. Local organisation or institution use a private network that is called intranet. In intranet system there have lot of service available also, all kind of internet service also available, but service of intranet is not public. For securing data and system more accurately people use intranet.

WWW (World Wide Web) : We use www in the beginning of any web site address. But maximum of us do not know what does this mean. WWW is an information space where all kind of information like text , media (Image , Audio, Video) etc being stored by people and this can be accessible by URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) :  Informally we can say this as web address too. URL consists of two part – HTTP  and domain name.  HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol ) helps to communicate between server PC (Personal Computer)  and Client PC . And domain name is the name of your website with a TLD (Top Level Domain) like .com , .org and .net etc. So a URL is like

Domain and TLD : A domain name is the name of a website. If we consider a URL , than “Softhopper” is domain name. “.net” is TLD part , this specify the website what about. Like for company we use “.com” , for network or group “.net” , for organisation “.org” etc.

Hosting : Hosting is a disk space like our computer hard disk where all of our information and data being stored. All kind of data we display on our website, we basically keep this in a web space online first. Then we can access this easily by linking domain and hosting by hostname.

For building a web site we must need this two “domain” & “hosting” . Domain name only specify the site name, when someone enter the domain name, this refer the user to specific hosting. In hosting we keep our files and people can access our information from hosting easily.

Some Technical Word Abbreviation :

WWW : World Wide Web

HTTP: Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPs: Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure

FTP : File Transfer Protocol

ICMP : Internet Control Message Protocol

IMAP : Internet Message Access Protocol

IP : Internet Protocol

LAN : Local area network

MAC : Media access control

Mbps : Megabits per second

Kbps : Kilobits Per Second

TCP / IP : Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

VLAN : Virtual local area network

VPN : Virtual private network

WAN : Wide-area network

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