21 Things You Should Check Before Buy a WordPress Theme from Themeforest!

June 17, 2016
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Before purchase a best WordPress theme for your business or blog website you must have to follow a best checklist that will ensure better purchase of your WordPress theme. Selling WordPress theme for years in different marketplace made me experienced, what customers really looks for buying a best WordPress theme.

Its really hard task to find a best match theme for my niche. In marketplaces like ThemeForest and MojoTheme , there are thousands of theme fits when search for a theme. Choosing the best theme from them is really a confusing work for maximum.

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As Premium WordPress theme Seller on ThemeForest, we know it’s really frustrating for both, if you choose wrong theme for your business or blog. Theme author fails to satisfy his customer and customer want facilities that not included on theme.

To avoid this kind of contradiction, we should read theme documentation first! This will help to understand the basic functionality and will help to choose best theme. If documentation is not clear, we can contact theme support to check support system too!

Your website is the main weapon to sell your service or Product! If you choose best theme and build a eye catchy website, This will boost your sale and will make you winner eventually!

So don’t forget to follow these common checklists before buying a WordPress theme.

wordpress admin areaEasy Customizable Strong Admin Panel : A strong admin panel always help user to manage his theme properly. Visual composer , color picker , drag and drop options helps site owner to modify his contents easily.

Before buy, You can check these options available or not. In maximum ThemeForest theme, now-a-days theme author add these cool functions to make the theme more functional.

Multipurpose Theme or Single Purpose : If your intention is running a small niche business than you can choose a single purposed theme. But if you are a blogger or have multi-purpose business, than you can choose a multi-purpose theme.

In multi-purpose theme , theme author add maximum layouts they have. So you have scope to change your site layout anytime. By changing layout only you can make a different looking website in moments!

So this is always wiser decision to choose a multi-layout multi-purpose theme.

Theme Rating and Customer Satisfaction : ThemeForest have nice rating system for theme authors. A theme customer can rate his theme seller and can include a comment to that specific product he purchaced.

We must should check theme comments before buy. If theme author have support forum, we can visit that forum also to check if theme have huge bug!

Dummy Data : Now-a-days maximum theme include dummy data. This helps website owner to setup his website look like demo they visited on theme forest. We should check dummy data available or not!

dummy-data wordpressDummy data reduce hassle to work with that specific theme. Few theme dummy data do not work properly, so you have to read forum first, if dummy data not work, will theme author helps or you have to face trouble yourself to fix this! So this is another important criteria before buy a theme from themeforest.

SEO Friendly or Not : For running a successful online business you must have to depend on Search Engine. So SEO Friendly theme is most important criteria before buying a theme from theme forest. If theme is SEO friendly , like title , description and URL changes in every page, then a theme can fulfill your requirement.

Social Sharing Option : In 2016 a WordPress theme must should include social sharing functions built-in. When people visits a site and find a content useful for them, they share that content to their social account.

People never will copy the URL from the address bar and will not share to his timeline. But if your website have social media sharing button, they will share your content in a second. So this can be another criteria to choose a best themeforest theme before buy!

Some Technical Issue :

  • WordPress Version : WordPress often update version. Some theme version do not work with latest version. So you have to check themes latest version updated how much month ago? Will this work with newer wordpress version?To avoid this kind of contradiction , you can choose newly released themeforest theme.
  • Responsiveness: Responsiveness is most important thing for building a best wordpress website. Technology now a days is very updated. There are thousands type of mobiles , Tabs , Notebooks , Netbooks available.
    If your website do not display your contents properly to a specific device , you will lose that visitor from your website. So keep in mind about website responsiveness.
  • Cross Browser Support : When we visit a website, sometimes this offer to download another browser to visit that website. Your website should not do this kind of activity. This harrase your visitor and they quite your website and try to find information from another website.
    So check cross browser compatibility before buy a theme.
  • Site Loading Speed: Site Loading speed is another important technical issue, your site should be loaded before 2sec when a visitor visits your website. Site loading speed helps to decrease your website bounce rate. Eventually this helps to increase your website ranking.web site loading speed optimizaion

Plugins Required or Functional without Plugins :   Some theme do not work individually. You need to buy external plugins to make this functional. This is one kind of hassle for maximum site owner to buy external plugins also. Like some theme do not work without Visual Composer Plugins and few author offer review plugins or custom post or area plugins to make the theme functional. We should review the theme requirement from documentation frist to avoid contradiction.

We do not offer mendatory plugins with our themes! So you are totally independent with your theme 🙂 But you can check our Custom Scroll Bar Plugins. This is really a good product of us, that might help you to decorate your posts 🙂

Pricing and Lisensing : ThemeForest is a marketplace for WordPress themes where you will find thousands of wordpress theme. Pick best category to choose best theme for you.

Same functional theme have different value! But you have to choose best one with intelligence.  Theme price you have to consider for better product.  You can search a theme by sorting “High to Low” “Low to High” “Best Seller” “Best Rating” etc.

Licensing is a thing you must have to consider with wise! There are different type of licensing offered. Yearly , Monthly or Lifetime Support License! Everything is changeable, You might change your mind to buy a new theme after 2 months! So consider better design and better functional theme rather choose long time license.

Customer support wordpressCustomer Support: Theme author now a days create forum website to serve general support for their products. We must should read the forum topics, what problem other people are facing after purchaching the theme.

We can create some dummy support request to check theme support responsiveness. If they reply quick, than other problems should consider.

Your Requirement :  Before purchase a theme, you must have to think about your requirement. Does the theme have all functions as your need. If the theme have all functions, then you must have to consider the price. Theme functionality is most important fact for choosing the right theme.

You can check our Item Page to review some cool wordpress theme.

Best Theme On your Category Brand New or Popular Theme:   Choosing brand new theme offers freshness and new creative design. But new theme have plenty of bugs available. If you need a superb design with creative idea, than you must can choose brand new designs.

Theme author fixes the bug whenever they notified. So do not worry if their support system is good and communicate with customer properly. Check customer review about support satisfaction.

If you are thinking to choose a popular old theme, this is also a good decision. Because old popular theme author is must experienced in this platform and they might already fixed all bugs. If you think about design , this can be changed easily by changing the graphic and layout.

Platform Compatible : WooCommerce , bbPress, WPML, WordPress Multi-Site these platforms are very well known platform which you can use in your wordpress platform. These makes your site more functional like making Ecommerce Website, with bbPress you can integrate live chat and personal message system and with WPML you can give translation facility to your user.

wordpress woocommerce platformSo before buy a theme you can check these platform works on your website properly or not!

Fixed Price Theme or Montly/Yearly Subscription : If you buy a theme with a subscription charge, you may expect a better customer support from them J

Child Theme or Full Functional Theme : Full functional theme is always better than a child theme. Child theme is just a part of a full functional. However you have to choose a better product as your requirement, if a child theme can meet all of your requirement, you can go with this.

Refund Policy :  This is the most important part you must have to check before buy a theme form themeforest. Themeforest authorised their authors to perform refund issue if there have legal cause. So try to make sure theme author is good human being and co-operate properly with their customers.

Final Tips To Buy a Good WordPress Theme :   May be you don’t have intension to buy a theme near future, but you must can visit often to search some good themes from this awesome marketplace. This will ensure better knowledge about theme selection.

Visit popular author profile, review their work and products often. Try to visit their product forum, read about latest updates and try to know about latest technology and function. This will help you to learn and select best wordpress theme for your website.

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