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What is SEO Hosting and The Importance of SEO Hosting?

March 30, 2017

SEO Hosting comes with lots of advanced facilities and affordable price as well.Before we start talking about SEO Hosting, you should know about P B N or (Private Blog Network). PBN is an SEO technique people use to rank their website faster. This is a gray hat method, not permitted, nor forbidden in any Google update.

People generally create multiple websites in the same niche and take backlink from them. The secret is they build different websites in the different hosting company and use different information to register a new domain and hosting. Read More

Best WordPress Vulnerability Security Checker Plugins List 2017

March 21, 2017

WordPress is most popular CMS (Content Management System) and thousand million people are pushing it forward to make it unbeatable website management industry. Thus this is number one CMS among the popular CMS. But there has some vulnerable issue in WordPress. You may face malware or hacking issue on your website any time. Hackers have good knowledge on WordPress platform and they inject sql on WordPress website few time. To avoid unwanted damage or breakdown issue on your WordPress website, you can use Vulnerability Security Checker WordPress Plugin. This types of plugin notify you and help you setting all important things for your WordPress website. We listed some WordPress plugins that will help you protecting your website easily.

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How To Create eCommerce Website Using Free WordPress Theme 2017

March 17, 2017

How To Create eCommerce Website Using Free WordPress Theme 2017

Creating an eCommerce website is a matter of a minute if you know how to create an eCommerce website. Even you do not know how to create an eCommerce website, I am here to assist you learning building eCommerce website. I created a video tutorial that will help you to build an eStore from scratch. There are lots of WordPress theme that will help you creating eCommerce website easily. We have used Clean Commerce WordPress theme that is completely free and assists you developing eCommerce theme effortlessly. You can use “Ramble – Multi-Concept Blog, Magazine And Shop WordPress Theme” that is eCommerce ready WordPress theme as well. Ramble has blog feature and all other feature available that helps you create stunning WordPress theme effortlessly.

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How To Create NewsPaper Website In WordPress From Scratch 2019

March 16, 2017

How To Create NewsPaper Website In WordPress From Scratch 2019

Building a NewsPaper website using WordPress is super easy and you just need 5 minutes to setup everything. WordPress is user-friendly CMS that ensure easy customization and maintenance by non-technical people as well. If you already know what WordPress is! we better move how to create a newspaper website using WordPress platform. When you install WordPress on your hosting, you are ready to create a newspaper website as well. We will build newspaper website using ColorMag WordPress theme that is free. But ColorMag has paid version as well that is full with more features and functionality. You can check them and pick the perfect one for you. Read More

Gfine Free Minimal Ghost Blog Theme Review

March 9, 2017

Ghost is a popular microblogging platform and Demand of free ghost theme is increasing day by day. Thus the team of SoftHopper decided to release the free version of Gfine WordPress blog theme. Gfine ghost theme has the similar feature of WordPress version. However, we decided to write the features and advantages of Gfine free minimal ghost blog theme in this post. This will assist you understanding the features and insist you using this amazing blog theme on your website. Most importantly Gfine ghost theme has all necessary features available in WordPress version as well.

SoftHopper is popular ghost theme selling company in the different marketplace. As we are developing ghost theme for years, we know the demand of ghost users. Thus we put best features on Gfine ghost theme. You can check all of our ghost themes from below list.

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Gfine Minimal WordPress Blog Theme Review

March 6, 2017

Gfine Minimal WordPress Blog Theme Review

Clean and simple design WordPress theme always attracts people. In the days of 2017, people really love simple looking websites. Thus the team of SoftHopper builds this amazing WordPress blog theme. Features of Gfine WordPress theme are modern and innovative as well. Strong admin panel helps to decorate your website easily and effectively. Thus people love this marvelous design blog theme. If you are thinking to build a free WordPress website with free WordPress theme, Gfine can be your ultimate choice. We will list some feature and advantage og Gfine free WordPress theme below to assist you finding best blog theme for free. Checking the features and advantages will help you taking quick decision to download Gfine for free. Read More


February 25, 2017
simple life wordpress theme

As you go along with the online earning business you should just not develop the appropriate skills in your chosen field of job interest but also you should be able to deal with the black-hats or scam sites in the web which will definitely fool you thus wasting your time and effort. In this world, all kinds of earning ways are being taken by people even those who are illegal and fraudulent techniques and the common example of this is scamming especially those starting web users who want to make valuable time through earning while they have idle times in their houses. It is alarming to know that there are almost equivalent scam sites today with those genuine sites and they had already fooled several newbies in this business. Scam site determination is not easy so now to help you identify them, please see the following guidelines. Read More


February 4, 2017
best wordpress themes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Imagine yourself as the single provider of all the information available on the web today, you feel like drowning in the ocean of broadness with nowhere to go but to supply your suppliants with what they need and make sure that they get what they are after for. It’s a complete aggravation of confusion and complexity. Now, do you want to make the web uninformative and irrelevant to the information seekers? NO, of course, but in what way?

You need to have a system in which it will turn out to provide the best information to answer the query of the researchers. Yet is a difficult and tiring job to individually evaluate the information that you have since you are the only provider on the web and with your tons of unsegregated data then it will take you quite a long time to get going. Do you need to give them the best information right? Here is the time SEO or Search Engine Optimization makes its entrance to solve the problem of the provider and the seeker.

How SEO works?

It is like a segregation of the information on the web and it is arranged according to the needs of the researcher. This is now mainly used by many websites to deliver the perfect content for their client’s questions. Google is one of the biggest Search engines as of today. It takes a keen look at every detail on the web and uses algorithms to turn the broad information to specific and appropriate results based on the query.

So if ever you have a website in which you are having information that you want to be visited and used by the researcher you must have high rankings on the web. Now this is SEO. Your websites should contain the necessary details in order to be included in the production of the algorithms that will be used by the search engines. Well, we are now going out on how to have good SEO rranking for your website to be visited by most researchers. Here are the necessary ingredients:


This is very important that your websites should contain the necessary words so that when search engines evaluate your site then it will have the words that the seeker needs.

Headings or Titles

Your titles must be of relative content to your website so that it will be easier to retrieve since it is much attended by the search for it has good structure and thought the relation to the information being searched.


If your page has a lot of trusted affiliate websites then it is given more attention by the search engine. Also if you have a lot of media domains that links back to your site and it contains good information so as be made as a recommendation then it gains more priority on the searches.


This is also of a consideration made by the web engines. If your website has consistent visitors with a good feedback as well as you are having a good traffic population then your web page is a rising one. This will reflect a good image to the search engines thus will put you in the first place when someone is searching for something related to your site.

Well, those are only the basic things needed to give a full blow to your website in order to be in the top ranks of the search results. Basically, SEO is a type of marketing strategy in which it caters you a whole load of traffic for your website thus your site is of higher priority. So in general, good SEO rank puts you to a great possibility of receiving a notable and consistent number of traffics compared to other sites. High rank in SEO equals a bigger success of your site.